5 Key Takeaways from 2023 NFL Preseason

Four weeks of training camp sessions and more than three weeks of 2023 NFL preseason action are completed. All 32 teams will be heading into the regular season which begins with the Detroit Lions traveling to play the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Jordan Love showed a quality performance.

Jordan Love had a productive preseason. He is a talented young quarterback who has the potential to lead the Packers to payoffs in 2023.

Let’s look at some of Love’s performances that have been on display in the preseason:

  • Throwing for a touchdown in each of his 2023 NFL preseason games.
  • Efficiently completing 64% of his passes.
  • Good mobility and arm strength.

Love still has some shortcomings that he needs to improve on. He has a lot to learn in decision-making against the defenses. After a successful preseason, it will be exciting to see him performing in regular season one game at a time.

The Steelers could be playoff contenders

Quarterback Kenny Pickett has shown an improved accuracy in his throws and a swift mobility which opens more opportunities for his receivers. Jaylen Warren is a powerful runner who will bring a much-needed boost to the running game. The Daniels/Turner duo should help provide the pass protection and an explosive offensive lineup for the Steelers. Talented and young receivers along with a versatile defense should create pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Injuries will cripple the Dolphins

The Dolphins suffered many injuries in the preseason games, which raises concern for their performance in the upcoming regular season. From quarterbacks to wide receivers, the following list all injuries that challenged the Dolphins in preseason:

Player Position Injury
Jalen RamseyCornerbackKnee injury
Terron ArmsteadLeft tackleRight leg injury
De’Von AchaneRunning backAC joint sprain
Jaylen WaddleWide receiverMid right torso
Nik NeedhamCornerbackAchilles
Robert JonesOffensive linemenMCL sprain
Daewood DavisWide receiverConcussion

The Rams may have some concerns in the short term

Quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp have a history of injuries. The top backup quarterback, Stetson Bennett, is inexperienced in the NFL.
The Rams focused on cost-cutting in the early part of the offseason which will provide them stability in the long term. The team will struggle this season but will have better financial flexibility and opportunities for younger players in the future.

The Rodgers/Wilson duo is scary.

Aaron Rodgers made his preseason debut with the Jets at MetLife stadium. Rodgers has not played any preseason game since 2018, though he appeared for training camp sessions.

Rodgers made some big plays on the offense. His performance in the preseason finale was sharp with no signs of rust.

  • His first pass was a 12-yard to wide receiver Corey Davis.
  • A perfect 14-yard touchdown pass to receiver Garrett Wilson.
  • He showed no signs of pressure in any of his dropbacks.

The fans are excited to see him in the regular season with the hope that he can continue his high-level performance which will lead the Jets into playoffs.


What is the purpose of preseason football?

Preseason games are played each year prior to the regular season kicks in to provide opportunities for younger players in roster spots.

Why are there only 3 NFL preseason games?

Since 2021, the regular season has been extended to 17 games per team, for which the preseason games were reduced to 3 games per team.

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